Growing Cynicism

When the protests began any mention of them within the bank was met with a blank silence. More often than not this silence was accompanied by a staring at the floor. As time went on the protests came more easily to the tongue. They were mentioned in passing but no judgement had been settled upon. Within my own tech-savvy, relatively young group — which I do not feel comprises a typical bank demographic — it was suggested that we were part of “the 99%”.

As I exited the bathroom I noticed several people peering down out the windows. The bank had closed off the plaza so the protesters were clustered in a corner of the sidewalk, near the halal vendor, under the slight drizzle. We commented that it was quite a small group. It looked as they they were on line for chicken over rice. A middle aged woman smirked that she had heard that the protests swelled in the evening once the protesters got out of work. I attempted a pithy comment which I don’t think penetrated the angry jeers.

Over by my cube the bright the sound of drums and whistles could be heard from the street below. They may have been few but they sure were loud. The weird Asian girl mentioned how young the protesters seemed. I agreed, thinking to myself she was not much older. She posited a theory that they were all kids who had just come home from backpacking tours of Europe. Rather than look for jobs they had just brought their backpacks down here. Her scorn was like a thick coating on her words. I turned away, bewildered and confused, not sure what to make of such mockery.

A few minutes later the guy from Tennessee who sits behind me said he had heard that those marching on millionaire homes in the Upper East Side had wondered if the millionaires were home. “Of course not,” he snorted, “they’re at work!”

It seems a tide has turned here. What was originally dismissed as inconsequential, traveled through a period of uncertainty and has now settled into scorn. There seems a common thread in the commentary. These protesters are lazy, which is why they’re unemployed, which is why they have the opportunity, as well as the impetus to protest. Perhaps the scorn with which the bank workers regard the protests comes from jealousy for a freewheeling lifestyle.

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5 thoughts on “Growing Cynicism

  1. In the Mystic Gym, the TV was on the business channel chattering about latest market moves. Three grizzled Mystic residents talking about 'Occupy Wall St'. 'The're hippies and beatnicks', said one. 'Even some oldies from the 60's'. 'Well only one more year of this regime', said another. 'Then we'll clean out the streets'.

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