It’s Dark Down Here

Say what you may about the rediculously innefectual protests two blocks away, the hatches here at the bank are firmly battened; though not a protester is in sight. The plaza is gated and employees – be they the 1% or the 99 – are forced to weave around police barricades to rotate through the basement doors. Once inside, the glass doors are closed save a small aperture lorded over by two guards. They stop me, having let the asian woman before me pass unmolested. “ID?” they ask. I liesurely retrieve my wallet; it’s the small rebellion that counts, I muse. I dig my fingers behind my wad of credit and debit cards, sliding the ID partially out and angling it toward the guard. He glances down and waves me on.

Inside descending the small stairs to the escalator that will take me up into the light of the main lobby, I look down to push the card back into my wallet. Only then do I realize it’s my Park Slope Food Coop ID.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Dark Down Here

  1. Funny how being part of one 99% does not mean being a part of another. Statistics…they lie

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