Why People Hate OWS

Bankers Feeling GuiltyIt’s been a mystery to me. Why are people so vehemently against the Occupy Wall Street movement? I hear genuine derision, mockery and plain hatred; which is difficult for me to bear as I see many good things in the movement and very little real threat to any status quo (sadly).

My cubicle neighbor was discussing the protests with a friend on the phone and I overheard. She was expressing disbelief that the protestors were blaming Wall Street for all the nation’s ills. She exhonerated the street by referencing a protestor’s signage. Apparently, the protestors sign read ‘Value Human Bonds, Not Treaury Bonds.’ She snickered to her phone mate.
“Treasury bonds are from the treasury, they aren’t stock or even C.O.D.s.” she noted, “So, you should be probably be protesting the Federal Governement, not Wall Street!”

Two things here. First, she is deriding the protestor for not being consistent with the message of the protest. Seconds, she is insinuating a lack of coherent message in the protest. These things are highly mockable, but seem to miss the point. What I think is more telling is her need to defend Wall Street. She’s taking it personally! That’s when I realized the answer to my question: People hate OWS because it’s a threat to their lifestyles. We are all complicit in the maintanence of the status quo. None of us are self sufficient, we all have bank accounts and buy things. We are all guilty of the excesses of our age. OWS is a threat to our way of life. Are you ready to change?

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16 thoughts on “Why People Hate OWS

  1. here’s why we hate it, genius. because it’s filled with people who want someone else to do their work on this earth, people filled with a vile and arrogant sense of entitlement, people who are anti-social and violent. people who are anti-capitalist (this is a capitalist country, you f’ing idiots, there are plenty that aren’t, move there), people that think that the world owes them something.

    and for everyone of these spoiled middle class white kids (didn’t notice that “the movement” is overwhelmingly white), there is an immigrant kid, around the corner from these vile “demonstrations”, working his arse off to get ahead. I’m with him, not with you.

  2. so how do you “support the whole thing then”.. by taking a jab at them?

    what you say goes to the heart of what Danny posted originally.

  3. I like to make fun of the occupy movement and I generally support the whole thing. I feel the same way “they” do. I see the same injustices and they are so rampant, ingrained and enjoy such specific, tacit support of the “elected” officials that the wild, unruly and unspecific nature of the protests seem to be right on point. There isn’t simply one thing to rail against. It is a whole system. But these dirty hippy goofball occupy idealistas can sure use a good jab every now and then. Who shouldn’t be in for that?

  4. and this is the original inspiration of OWS no?

    still on going. Make fun of it if you want but it’s happening.. now.

  5. Who says they shouldn’t / can’t be mocked? You’re right. at least they’ve put themselves out there to be seen (and mocked). Everyone else grumbles to themselves and has leather armchair fantasies of being rich while in reality climbing out of debt right? Not to mention that it’s pretty brave (i think) to be out there while the cops and fbi are filming you and salivating over the chance of putting a baton on your head.

  6. Why shouldn’t the occupiers be mocked and ridiculed? There are all kinds of people in any movement. But the ones who you hear yelling and screaming tend to be the ones yelling and screaming, and people who yell and scream tend to be somewhat irritating to those of us who aren’t the yelling and screaming types and tend to just want to sip our cuppa tea with a piece of dark chocolate.

    You should be happy that the protestors (if that’s what you can call them) are being ridiculed. Ridicule is a form of tacit acknowledgement, which is one step up from how we treat the homeless and overweight people.

    I think I score in the 80th percentile or so. Why would I want to redistribute the wealth I’ve worked countless irritating jobs to accumulate? I’d much rather be slurping free range organic cup-o-noodle soup in a leather armchair than running from a rapist with dangling appendages in the jungle. I’d like to see the 1% go down so I can grab a piece of their cake.

  7. Not me.

    The hunted and raped aren’t protesting wall street, they’re running for their lives in the jungle. I’m saying once you open the subject of wealth re-distribution etc, you may be obliged to give up your morning espresso so that someone can live.

  8. is it really the hunted and the raped who are protesting in the Occupy Movement?

    anyway.. I’m just trying to absolve you of guilt my son.

    I really don’t think you are guilty, nor any one else who is working in a cubicle at the bank. You are exploited and I find it totally understandable why you would want to make money in a job. The fact that your exploiters – the capitalists who are accumulating based upon your labor – are rather close in your case is besides the point. And don’t start telling me about free will. A certain percentage of people in New York (and London) will end up directly working in finance because that’s what’s happening in New York (and London).

    It’s totally ridiculous to compare your situation with the situation of the 1% or even the 10%, defined apparently as someone who made at least $386,000 in fiscal year 2006. Is that you?

  9. In case you haven’t noticed, we are rich. Many are poor. We may not have helicopters, but we have APC jeans and LLBean hats, while countless are short on food and being hunted and raped. Once you open the Pandora’s box you may not like what comes out.

  10. yeah but… I don’t think that wall street invented decent living. I don’t think people can’t drink champagne in a more equal society, or eat good food, or dress well etc. maybe owc is a threat to the way of life of people who take private jets allot but i don’t think it has to threaten the way of life of a cubicle worker.

    yet the fact that your cubicle neighbor took it personally is interesting i agree.

    But if you can agree with my objection above, what then is the reason why she took “personally”?

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