The Blog Blogs Itself -or- Why People Hate OWS, Take 2

I just got back from vacay. I opened this blog up with the vague notion that I needed to post something. As a procrastination I looked at my dashboard for recent comments that might need moderating, and found this gem from “sub” on Why People Hate OWS:

here’s why we hate it, genius. because it’s filled with people who want someone else to do their work on this earth, people filled with a vile and arrogant sense of entitlement, people who are anti-social and violent. people who are anti-capitalist (this is a capitalist country, you f’ing idiots, there are plenty that aren’t, move there), people that think that the world owes them something.

and for everyone of these spoiled middle class white kids (didn’t notice that “the movement” is overwhelmingly white), there is an immigrant kid, around the corner from these vile “demonstrations”, working his arse off to get ahead. I’m with him, not with you.

The angry tone of this comment is it’s most noteworthy feature. I sincerely doubt that the commenter’s written reason for his hatred is the full story. There’s a level of emotional outrage that I feel can only be due to something else, something more personal.

Perhaps the best clue is in the second sentence. It is a common argument that OWS is made up of homeless slackers who want a free ride. But only those who feel enslaved by their own jobs and their own “work on this earth” would resent another for not wanting to participate. I wonder what “sub”‘s chosen profession is? Was it chosen? Sub, do you enjoy your “work on this earth”?

Yours truly,

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One thought on “The Blog Blogs Itself -or- Why People Hate OWS, Take 2

  1. Resenting those who we consider to be stealing our precious fresh air is an age-old tradition, as is putting on airs of being above that.

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