Hosszú Kávé

The enjoyments derived from coffee are many fold.  Not least of these folds are the bitter-sweet flavor, the heat in the mouth and throat, and the rush of caffeine as you stand to walk away. It’s a balance of these pleasures that drives the connoisseur. We are always tinkering with our formula to derive the greatest pleasure from our coffee experience.

For me, the caffeine rush can be overwhelming and lead to nasty side effects. So, my coffee drinking is limited by necessity, although I do like to push the limits…! Coffee also serves as a meditation of sorts. I like to sit and sip it and do nothing else but focus on the taste, the heat and act or drinking itself. It is because of my desire to prolong the drink, to wring every drop of pleasure from it, that I will rarely order and espresso. While espresso flavor is sublime, unrivaled by any other brewing technique, it is also a short drink.  When I drink an espresso, I inevitably feel unsatisfied and order another.  A few espressos later and I am experienced the aforementioned side effects.

This conundrum, the balance between enjoyment and side effects, pleasure and pain,  has led to me the Hosszú Kávé – the long coffee.  In France, this is simply called ‘café’.  At it’s essence, the Hosszú Kávé is a very long espresso. The length of the draught does diminish the fine, elegance of an espresso’s taste, but the Hosszú Kávé offers an comparable palette. The caffeine content is slightly boosted, but only slightly; much less than two espressos(!),  The notes are still rich – if somewhat more bitter – and the strength of the brew is correct; it retains that chocolate depth. The outstanding quality of the Hosszú Kávé – the characteristic which sets it apart and asks to be exhaulted – is it’s duration.

The Hosszú Kávé lingers. It can be sipped without rushing. It is long enough to be savored and short enough to stay hot. It is complex enough to be pondered and the pondering may continue. Hosszú Kávé exerts an Americano-esque duration while retaining the Italian-esque flavor and strength. You can have your coffee and drink it too.

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