The Secret to Stop Biting Your Nails and Cuticles

I picked and bit my cuticles, nails and the sides of the fingers for 20 years. I couldn’t stop. People suggested all kinds of tricks. Hot sauce, nail polish, chewing toothpicks and even hypnosis. But nothing worked. Finally, I have stopped and stopped for good.

There’s a simple secret that nobody mentions. It’s a technique that is guaranteed to make you stop biting your fingernails, cuticles and assorted other bitable areas of your body.

The Secret to Stop Biting Your Nails and Cuticles:

Don’t bite your nails and cuticles.

This may seem sarcastic or a logical fallacy, but I am completely serious. The only way to permanently stop biting is to become conscious of what your doing and to commit to not doing it. That commitment means that you aren’t going to make excuses or special cases. You will not bite. Period. Promise that to yourself and you will succeed!

There may be slightly more to your problem that is worthy of consideration. For example, I know that when I was battling my biting habit, picking was a direct precursor to biting. I would pick my fingers and nails, cause a wound or flap of skin or nail, and then proceed to bite that area, ostensibly to “clean it up.” It that case, the rule can be amended: “Don’t pick or bite your nails and cuticles.” You may need to make other amendments to the rule once you identify the precursors to your habit.

Pay attention. Understand what you’re doing. Commit to stopping. Stop.

It’s that simple.
Enjoy your lovely new fingertips.

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